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Understanding Emotions

From an outside perspective, people on the spectrum might seem ‘unemotional’ while we actualy do have them, we just do not express them. We also might have trouble interpreting the emotions of others where it is difficult to ‘read their faces’.

Note: In this article I will bring up some of my own experiences, These are to illustrate what I’m trying to say with this article.


Most people on the spectrum are very analytical and logical, making them seem like they lack emotions. This however is not always true, most of us actually have emotions, we just express them in a diffident way. I personally have difficulties when people ask ‘how do you feel when this happens’ or ‘how do you feel’. On the last one I usually answer with a simple emotion, but on the first one, I actually have difficulties answering.

This is because I express and experience them diffidently. This is not uncommon for people with Autism. Sometimes people say I look sad, while I’m just ‘neutral’ (not super happy, not super sad). I might just have a plain face, or sometimes even look sad or angry, while I’m just ‘neutral’

Reading Emotion

It is not uncommon to have difficulties while reading emotions (this includes understanding the vast majority of the emoji icons that exists these days. I mean, you have so many smily faces, sad faces, etc… You would expect, as some people with ASD express their emotions using ’emotion cards’ that are in essence emoji faces, we would understand them, but we understand the basic ones, but we sometimes miss-interpret the more complex ones.

Issues in daily life

In day-to-day life, this might cause some problems, as you need to read other peoples faces (and the emoji faces used in text messaging). I can understand a lot of people have difficulties with this, especially when you consider a lot of the more complex ones are relatively new.

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