Smalltalk and random social interactions

From time to time, random people tend to want to have a conversation with me. When those conversations are just small talk, it gets awkward, at least for me anyway.

I’m bad at small talk, bad enough I usually just try to avoid those situations. The last time, was when I was at my Physiotherapist where there entered a lady and her husband when I was finishing up a series of exercises, and the lady just went there for infrared therapy, my therapist set her up to then come back to me. At that point, her husband tried to start a small-talk conversation with me.

It was quite wired, because I tend to make small talk even more awkward by not knowing how on earth I should respond( as there are “socially accepted answers”). Small talk is a lot worse than when say someone asks you for directions on the street. I try to listen to what other people do in those situations and mimic that, but that doesn’t always work out how I intended, In which case I tend to say thins like: “but I really need to go now” just to get out of that situation, even wen I was waiting for my train, for example.