Why I hate the hollidays

Most people like being with friends and family and throwing a party, for me however it is quite different. I have a large family, and for Christmas I usually need to go to 3 different parties (2 with close family, and one huge with more distant family to me). As it usually is in a restaurant where there sometimes also are other family’s Christmas parties, I go trough hell. I have to wear headphones to survive.

Also the types of food I have to eat then is not really my cup of tea. Wild meat that is just too strongly flavoured, or too-salty soups. I am a difficult eater yes but sometimes you would expect that just for once the food is at least not so weirdly flavoured or textured (like meat that it too-tender).

Another thing I don’t like about the holidays are the presents, lucky am I to know hat I’ll get from close family, but the more distant family usualy gives me somthing completely random. (Okay, maybe I should not be mad about that as it is still a gift…)

Anyway, It’s over now. Hopefully this year is a good, peaceful year without too much changes…

bye :)